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Reviews of Spring Grove Clinic

  • “Spring Grove Clinic has put my faith back in to dentistry.”

    Debbie Reddie
  • “My treatment has improved my day to day life as I am more confident as a person ad I can smile more without worrying.”

    Linda McMaster
  • “When I come to the clinic for my treatment I feel that all round it is a good experience. You get a reminder text alert and a follow up call after treatment to make sure everything is ok.”

    John Young
  • “For me the best thing about SGC is that the heart of it is first class dental treatment. The package is a compelling one because they are focused on patients.”

  • “I feel totally at ease when I come to SGC for treatment as I have had an in-depth chat with the dentist at my previous appointment to prepare me. The staff also make me feel very welcome by chatting with me and offering me refreshments.”

    Paul Williams
  • “When I come along to SGC for treatment I feel very comfortable and releaxed.”

    Craig McNeil
  • “The best thing about Spring Grove Clinic is the coffee machine.”

  • “I like that SGC have very pleasant staff. All the services that are offered are first class and each patient is treated as an individual.”

    Elaine Brennan
  • “The surgery is first class and very modern.”

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