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Implant Denture

Do you wear dentures or are you thinking about solutions to fill the gaps left by missing teeth? If so, you may be a perfect candidate for implant dentures. As the name suggests, an implant denture is a special type of denture that is held in place by dental implants. This type of denture addresses the common complaints associated with wearing dentures: implant dentures are incredibly secure, won’t move or gap when you talk, and give you the freedom to eat a much more varied diet, as well as restoring your complete smile.

  • A secure alternative to dentures that you can wear with confidence
  • Protects you from future bone loss
  • Enjoy a broader diet than with conventional dentures
  • 0% or low-interest finance options available

Dentures have traditionally been the most widely used method for replacing a large number of missing teeth. However, they have their limitations. Denture wearers often find that they have to change their diet to softer foods and that their dentures have some movement, which can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Over time, dentures usually need to be adjusted or replaced because of underlying bone loss.

Implant-retained dentures address all of these problems. Because the implants create a fixed and stable anchor for the dentures, they stay in place, which means you won’t have to worry about movement. You will also be able to eat many of the foods you enjoy with confidence. Thanks to the use of dental implants, implant dentures also help to promote bone strength and regeneration, taking steps to protect you from future bone loss.

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  • How do implant dentures work?

    With an implant denture, we place a number of dental implants in your jaw bone to act as the anchors to your dentures. Your denture will then have special attachments – either clips or sockets – that connect to attachments on the implants. The dentures clip into place and sit securely in your mouth. They are popular for lower-jaw dentures that might otherwise be quite unstable, but work well on the upper jaw too.

  • How do I clean my implant dentures?

    As with conventional dentures, you should take your implant dentures out before you go to bed at night, and will need to clean the denture and gum area daily. We will give you detailed instructions about keeping your implant dentures clean.

  • Will my implant dentures still have a plate?

    Full traditional dentures usually have a plate that covers the roof of the mouth; this can affect how you taste and enjoy your food. With implant dentures, it’s not necessary to have a plate to help the dentures stay in, so you may notice a big improvement to how food tastes.

  • Are implant dentures safe?

    Dental implants are successful in up to 95% of cases (Source: University College London Hospitals), depending on where in the mouth they’re placed and the amount of jaw bone you have at the implant sites.

    As having dental implants is a surgical procedure, it does carry the usual risks associated with surgery, such as infection, but we will give you comprehensive aftercare instructions to help minimise the chance of any complications. If you ever have any questions, we are always a phone call away.