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Do you need your teeth aligned but don’t want people to know that you have braces?

Have you heard about Spring Grove’s incredibly discreet invisible braces in Glasgow? Lots of people with crooked teeth, who knows they’d really benefit from straightening their smiles to give them more confidence in their appearances, have been putting off getting orthodontic braces because they’re concerned about how they’ll look and feel.

That was until word got out about the discreet orthodontic treatment the Spring Grove Practice is able to provide. Forget about metal train tracks that remain on your teeth for a couple of years and make it impossible to have a meal out with someone and not feel anxious about the possibility of getting food stuck on them. Neither is there any need to consider undertaking lengthy treatment that announces to the world that you are having your teeth straightened.

New invisible braces in Glasgow make it possible to have a transformed smile in as little as 6 months and while you’re having the treatment, there’s a good chance the people you speak to you won’t even know you’re wearing braces. Spring Grove offers two very discreet leading brand options; Smilelign and Six Month Smiles. Let’s take a look at how you can have straighter teeth and a beautiful smile in just 6 months.


Taking a huge step away from the traditional brackets and wires set up, Smilelign braces don’t require you to have anything bonded to your teeth, but rather a removable device that fits over your teeth, like a very discreet mouthguard. These aligners are made of clear plastic and will be designed to perfectly fit snugly onto your unique set of teeth.

Your teeth will be moved meticulously into a new, more desirable position in your mouth, using a series of these aligners. You’ll receive a new one from your dentist every two weeks, with each designed to move your teeth a little closer to reaching your goal of correcting your overbite, underbite, overcrowding, or whatever it is about your teeth that you’d like to change.

You’ll get the chance to see how your new, transformed smile will look prior to treatment, before you even put your first aligner in your mouth, thanks to 3-D computer imaging. However, If you’re still not sure if these are the right invisible braces for you, you’ll also get the chance to try on pre-aligner to see how they feel.

Not only are Smilelign braces so discreet that they’re practically invisible, they’re also removable so you can take them out when you eat and to give your teeth are really good brush. Welcome to the cutting edge of orthodontic treatment! With Smilelign you can correct your teeth without anybody even realising.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are invisible braces for Glasgow clients, that will straighten teeth in just 6 months and sometimes even less. This treatment is designed to correct only the front 6 teeth in the mouth, known as the social six. The brackets are bonded to your teeth, but they’re ultra clear with tooth coloured wires running through them. Again it’s highly likely that the people you speak to, won’t know that you’re wearing braces.

If you want invisible braces fitted in Glasgow, come to Spring Grove find out more about our pioneering approach to tooth straightening. Our dentists are experienced and highly trained in fitting modern, discreet braces. Please give us a call to book your consultation now.