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Spring Grove Dental Treatments Price List

All our dental treatment plans are designed around how best to meet your individual needs. The prices below are given as a guide only.

Before embarking on any dental treatment, you will receive a full treatment plan and a breakdown of the associated costs, so that you can make an informed decision about your treatment.

We’ll always make sure that you have time to discuss any aspects of care that remain unclear once you’ve received your dental treatment plan.

The prices listed below are given as a guide only. All our treatment plans are tailored to meet each patients individual needs and requests. Before treatment starts, all patients will receive a full treatment plan and a breakdown of costs.

Treatment Name DCPP Members Non Members
New Patient Consultation - £85.00
Routine Examination £0.00 £42.50
Emergency Appointment £0.00 from £75.00
Hygiene Therapy
Scale and Polish £0.00 from £65.00
Scale and Polish (Children) - from £42.50
Active Gum Disease Treatment from £85.00 from £106.25
DNA Bacterial Testing from £328.00 from £400.00
High Power Stain Removal from £75.00 from £93.75
Zoom Teeth Whitening* from £675.00* from £675.00
Home Teeth Whitening* from £375.00* from £375.00
Mouthguard from £95.00 from £118.75
Restorative Treatment
Same Day Crowns from £475.00 from £593.75
Same Day Inlays from £475.00 from £593.75
Veneers from £475.00 from £593.75
Bridges per tooth from £375.00 from £468.75
White Filling from £80.00 from £100.00
Metal Filling from £75.00 from £93.75
Root Canal Treatment from £255.00 from £318.75
Re-Root Canal Treatment from £325.00 from £406.25
Acrylic Partial Denture from £475.00 from £593.75
Immediate Denture from £425.00 from £531.25
Acrylic Full Denture (Single Arch) from £725.00 from £906.25
Acrylic Full Denture (Both Arches) from £1,200.00 from £1,500.00
Standard Denture from £600.00 from £750.00
Essential Denture from £900.00 from £1,125.00
Premium Denture from £1,500.00 from £1,880.00
Dental Implants
Implants from £1,250.00 from £1,740.00
Invisible Braces (Single Arch) from £1,995.00 from £2,394.00
Invisble Braces (Both Arches) from £2,450.00 from £2,940.00
Facial Aesthetics
Wrinkle Reduction from £150.00 from £150.00
Dermal Fillers from £200.00 from £200.00